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Boiler Room Installations

Boiler room installation

Installation of a boiler room is a process that should be handled by specialists in this field. Before installation, you should accurately determine the need and create a design that will completely solve the problem of heating the place to be installed. Boiler rooms can be of different sizes in direct proportion to the size of the heated area. Small to medium sized boiler rooms are generally preferred for places like apartments. For large rooms, a large boiler room should be built.


Boiler rooms are usually located in the basement of apartments. The fact that the basement is empty and insulated makes these places suitable for installing a boiler room. In places where the demand is much higher, for example, in shopping centers, special places for the boiler room are usually allocated on the squares.


How to determine the place where the boiler room will be installed?

Although the installation of a boiler room is carried out in certain places, not every area may be suitable for a boiler room. When installing a boiler room, the following conditions must be considered;


It should be installed in a room that is not overloaded, where the boiler room and its auxiliary elements can easily fit.

The pipes of the boiler room must not come into contact with other objects.

In case of an emergency, you must quickly get to the boiler room.

The boiler room must be well ventilated.

Humidity, dampness, etc. boiler rooms. It is important not to be exposed to adverse conditions.

What are the features of the boiler room?

There are various types of boilers that provide heating using solid, liquid and gas fuels. These features of the boiler room are different from each other. The installation process is carried out by selecting the appropriate boiler according to the needs of the place. In addition, the characteristics of the boiler room vary depending on the size of the heated area. For large areas, boilers with high efficiency and the ability to provide sufficient heat are preferred.


Prices for installing a boiler room

The cost of installing a boiler room can vary depending on many factors. The type, size and characteristics of the boiler system are among the most important factors in determining the price. If you would like to receive detailed information about the installation of boiler rooms and prices, you can contact us through our communication channels.

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