What is a Steam Boiler?


What is a Steam Boiler?

With the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the second half of the 19th century, steam is the building block of industrial facilities. Although the history of steam technology goes back to old times, unlike technologies that have disappeared over time, it has survived to meet the needs of the globalizing world and our need for its existence has increased exponentially. The reason why steam technology is preferred for many years is due to the feature of steam.

Why should we prefer steam?

Steam carries a large amount of heat energy.
It provides heat transfer at constant temperature.
Water to be used in the steam boiler is easily supplied.
We do not need energy to transport steam.
Does not contain extraneous matter in the steam
It is easy to control.
Small pipe diameters are used for pipe selection.
Environmentally friendly (clean energy)
Energy can be saved by recycling
Steam is safe because it does not have a flammability


In order to meet the eam need of the industry, a machine, namely a Steam Boiler, is needed. Steam Boiler is the name given to pressurized vessels for obtaining the desired temperature, pressure and amount of steam as a result of heating the water by burning solid, liquid and gaseous fuel (wood, coal, diesel, natural gas, biomass, etc. fuels). Steam boilers used for steam production vary according to capacity, pressure and type of fuel. In fuel selection; Situations such as the ease of access to the fuel to be used, the suitability of the unit price, the evaluation of production wastes play an active role in the selection of the steam boiler system.

The use of Steam Boiler is used in various fields of the industry.

The main sectors using the Steam Boiler are as follows;

Iron and Steel
Electricity generation in thermal power plants (Steam turbines)
Large chiller plants
Forest products
Pharmacy products
Feed production facilities
Sterilization (packaging and food)
Steam heating systems (heating systems)
In the pharmaceutical and food industry (for sterilization)
Paper Industry

For Steam Boiler selection, considering the capacity, need, facility size, etc. of the facilities mentioned above; 3-pass flame-smoke pipe Scotch boiler, Rotary grate steam boiler, Pre-fired moving grate steam boiler, Steam generator and Fluidized bed steam boiler are preferred. Since the Steam Boilers are pressurized systems, both the steam boiler parts and the entire boiler pass various tests.