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Thermal Oil Boiler and accessories


Oil Heating Boiler (Thermal Oil Boiler) for Liquid Fuel/Natural Gas


Oil boilers are preferred by enterprises that require high temperatures in industry. Because hot oil boilers can reach high temperatures at low pressures.


Hot oil boiler equipment


Hot oil boiler

Expansion tank

oil tank

Oil deaerator tank

Boiler circulation pumps



1) Hot oil boiler

Boilers are the most important elements of a hot oil system. The liquid-fuel boiler consists of an interlaced spiral-shaped seamless bundle of steel pipes and is made as a three-pass boiler. The speed of the oil circulating in the system is approximately 1.5-5 m/s. Since oil is used in the boiler, corrosion and scale do not occur.


In the hot oil boiler, the combustion process is carried out by a burner, and the heat generated as a result of combustion passes through spiral pipes due to flue gases and is transferred to the oil in the boiler. The flue gases, which complete their passage through the spiral pipes, are discharged to the outside with the help of a chimney.


2) Expansion tank

Expansion tanks are used to store oil that expands as a result of heating. Oil expands when heated. The expanding oil causes an increase in pressure in the system. If the oil expanding under pressure is not controlled, it will escape from the weakest point of the boiler. This negatively affects the safety and operation of the boiler system. A tank designed to prevent this overpressure and possible hazards is called an expansion tank.


In addition, expansion tanks ensure that gas and vapors contained in the oil are removed from the system and provide sufficient suction static pressure to allow the pump to operate without cavitation.

The expansion tank is the only place where the thermal oil in the oil boiler system comes into contact with air.




3) Oil tank

This is a reservoir that stores the oil required for the process in the hot oil boiler system.


4) Oil deaerator tank

The oil deaerator tank is used to purify harmful gases in the oil to be used in the system.


5) Chimney

Hot Oil Boiler equipment used to safely remove harmful gases resulting from the combustion of fuel from the environment and transfer them to the atmosphere.


6) Boiler circulation pumps

The main purpose of circulation pumps in Hot oil boilers is to ensure the flow of the liquid used in the system.

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