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Steam Generator


Steam Generator

HISARMAK steam generators are manufactured and equipped with the latest technology.

Very easy to use, thanks to fully automatic control.

Very fast production of steam.

Feed water pumps are selected specifically for the steam generator, so that their action is aimed only at obtaining the steam released by the water.

This steam generator is modeled taking into account possible negative factors and it is equipped with safety devices, especially for unforeseen circumstances.

Supplied Steam Generator complete with all fittings (including a burner designed for your chosen type of fuel, Natural Gas / Diesel / Dual fuel burner).

At the request of the Client, our qualified technical staff will work for assembly of the Equipment.

Due to the fact that the volume of water is minimal, it can be used in places where people work.

The temperature of the steam generator and all other functions are constantly monitored on the automatic system.

Steam generators are very suitable   for satisfying not large steam needs,

Steam Generators from Hisarmak manufacturer industries of their operation:

Production of dairy products, Conservation, Confectionery shops, Beverage bottling, Concreting, Production of knitwear, Paint industry, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Laundry, Washing and cleaning with steam, and Anywhere where Steam is needed.

Ready for operation immediately after the supply of fuel, electricity, water, chimney.  Due to the fact that all the attached equipment is included in the kit, the installation does not provide any complexity.  Thanks to this, it is easily adaptable in different places with different sizes.

Also, from the manufacturer HISARMAK you can additionally purchase an economizer of the Steam Generator

The economizer uses the heat of the outgoing gases and heats the steam generator's feed water on the basis of which reduces fuel consumption and increases the efficiency of the generator.

Also, from the manufacturer HISARMAK you can additionally purchase the Deaerator for Steam Generator.

In steam systems, oxygen dissolved in feed water and carbon dioxide lead to corrosion on metal surfaces  in steam systems in the form of  pores and melts.

In the deaerator these dissolved gases are automatically emitted, so the entire system is fully protected.

The supplied water is heated to 102 ° C in the deaerator.  By keeping the supplied water at 102°C, oxygen and carbon dioxide is removed, and in steam generators heat   fluctuations are prevented and fuel economy is ensured.

It is also possible to additionally install automatic systems for water softening.


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