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Hot water boilers


Hot water boilers


Hot water boilers are closed pressure vessels designed to heat water. These boilers heat water up to 110°C and prevent evaporation by maintaining water pressure. Especially in many areas such as hotels, hospitals, dormitories, factories with large volumes, the demand for hot water is very high. To meet this need, hot water boilers are used.


There are some points that buyers of hot water boilers need to know before and after buying a boiler.

When determining the capacity of the boiler, the system must be able to withstand the maximum hourly load. If the operation of the boiler during shutdown or maintenance of the boiler is important for the enterprise, it will be very useful to use the boiler as a backup.

The purchased boiler must be manufactured in accordance with quality control standards.

The efficiency of the purchased boiler must be high.

Solid fuel boilers must not be operated with a closed expansion tank.

When installing, do not use plastic pipes.

The boiler must not be operated without water.

Under no circumstances should cold water be supplied to a hot boiler.

If coal is burning in the boiler, the circulation pump must not be turned off to stop the boiler.

Do not use one chimney for 2 or more boilers.


Scope of application of the hot water boiler:

Home heating

Hospitals, schools, hostels,



food industry

Fertilizer industry

paper industry

Automated industry

Textile industry

Collective pools


Woodworking industry

Chemical industry

Industrial heating, drying and cooking


Hot water boiler equipment


Circulation pumps

Expansion tank



  1. Hot water boiler

Hot water boilers manufactured by our company are designed taking into account the fuel used and the boiler power. Produced hot water boilers are three-pass and are produced as high-efficiency boilers.


  1. Water circulation pump

The hot water circulation pump is a device that circulates the water heated in the boiler to the heating system, underfloor heating, radiators, heat exchangers (etc.) located in the upper part of the building and in the farthest place from the boiler.


  1. Expansion tank

Expansion tanks are used to store water that expands as a result of heating. When heated, water expands. The expansion of water leads to an increase in pressure in the system. If the water expanding under pressure is not controlled, the water will escape from the weakest point of the boiler and cause leaks. This negatively affects the safety and operation of the boiler system. A tank designed to prevent this overpressure and possible hazards is called an expansion tank. Since it is included as standard in both the heating system and the water pressure booster, expansion tanks can be seen today in many boiler rooms.


There are two types of expansion tanks, open and closed.


  1. A) Open expansion tank

An open expansion tank operates outdoors. In open expansion tanks, the boiler and the expansion tank are connected by supply and return pipes. These pipes must not have valves or non-return valves preventing the passage of water. The open connection point of the expansion tank ventilation must not be plugged. It must be open.


  1. B) Closed expansion tank

This is a tank that works closed to the atmosphere by attaching a pressure gauge and a safety valve to the expansion tank in systems operating with a larger capacity, which is not suitable for an open expansion tank.


  1. Chimney

This is equipment that allows the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere, such as smoke and gas, which are formed as a result of the combustion of fuel in chimney steam boilers. While the chimney emits harmful gases, it also creates the necessary draft to ensure combustion in the steam boiler.


Prices for a hot water boiler

It is not possible to talk about the net price because the prices of hot water boilers vary depending on the characteristics of the product, its size, the power of the product and the quality of the product.

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